RCA Newsletters

RCA Newsletters

The Red Feather

The Red Feather June 2023
The Red Feather November 2022 100th Issue
The Red Feather June 2022
The Red Feather November 2021
The Red Feather June 2021
The Red Feather December 2020
The Red Feather May 2020
The Red Feather November 2019
The Red Feather May 2019
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The Red Feather November 2016
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President’s Message 2016

President’s Message 2016

RCA National Newsletter

RCA Newsletter Nov 2013
RCA Newsletter May 2013
RCA Newsletter Nov 2012
RCA Newsletter May 2012
RCA Newsletter Nov 2011
RCA Newsletter May 2011
RCA Newsletter Nov 2010
RCA Newsletter May 2010
RCA Biennial Conference 2010
RCA Biennial Conference 2010 photographs
A New President for RCA 2010
RCA Newsletter Nov 2009
RCA Newsletter May 2009
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RCA Newsletter May 2008
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RCA Newsletter Mar 2007
RCA Newsletter Nov 2006

The Newsletters below are a product of many people searching their archives to complete the one hundred issues since the inception of Ryder-Cheshire Australia. Many thanks to Roger Jeffrey for the hours spent digitising the paper copies. We are still missing the year 1973 and the years from 1976 to 1996 if anyone has any of these years please contact us on Newsletter & Website

News Letter_0066 July 200
News Letter_0065 March/April 2006
News Letter_0064 November 2005
News Letter_0063 july 2005
News Letter_0062 March 2005
News Letter_0060 July 2004
News Letter_0058 November 2003
News Letter_0055 April 2002
Presidents Report  April 2002
News Letter_0052 April 2001
News Letter_0051 December 2000
News Letter_0050 August 2000
News Letter_0049 April 2000
News Letter_0047 August 1999
News Letter_0046 April 1999
News Letter_0045 December 1998
News Letter_0043 April 1998
News Letter_0040 April 1997

The years 1976-1996 Missing

Raphael V11 N2 August 1975
Raphael V11 N1 April 1975
Raphael V10 N4 December 1974
Raphael V10 N3 September 1974
Raphael V10 N2 June 1974
Raphael V10 N1 March 1974

1973 Missing

Raphael V7 N2 June 1972
Raphael V7 N1 March 1972
Raphael V6 N4 December 1971
Raphael V6 N3 September 1971
Raphael V6 N2 June 1971
Raphael V6 N1 Feburary 1971
Raphael V5 N4 Decmber 1970
Raphael V5 N3 September 1970
Raphael V5 N2 June 1970
Raphael V5 N1 March 1970
Raphael V4 N3 December 1969
Raphael V4 N2 September 1969
Raphael V4 N1 June 1969
Raphael V3 N3 December 1968
Raphael V3 N2 September 1968
Raphael V3 N1 June 1968
Raphael V2 N4 March 1968
Raphael V2 N3 November 1967
Raphael V2 N2 August 1967
Raphael V2 N1 May 1967
Raphael V1 N5 June 1966
Raphael V1 N3 June 1965

News Letter V1 Dec 64

Raphael 1 1964

Ryder-Cheshire 2.1 Brochure 1964

Ryder-Cheshire 2 Brochure 1964

Ryder-Cheshire Brochure 1 1964

Newsletters are in pdf format.
If your are unable to open the files download Adobe Reader.

Latest News

We welcome you to walk around the four facilities that are part of the Ryder-Cheshire Family?

These are a series of walk through videos of Raphael, Klibur Domin, Victorian Homes, Mt. Gambier Homes
Also a talk by  Dr. Elizabeth Cheshire describing all the different organisations which were started by her parents. Click Here

 Archival Audio Leonard Cheshire – Carolyn Jones 1989

Ryder-Cheshire Constitution 2021
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