Raphael Centre

For the Relief of Suffering

RAPHAEL’s mission is to assist in the:

  • Rehabilitation of children and young adults with intellectual and associated disabilities.
  • Control of TB.
  • Life-long care of persons with disabilities rejected by society.

Klibur Domin

Klibur Domin has three main programs:

  • the Inpatients Program, providing care for low needs patients;
  • the Community Based Rehabilitation program, which supports children and adults with disability and provides respite care and access to education;
  • the Tuberculosis (TB) Program, which provides care for patients with both TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB.

The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation New Zealand

We support the Ryder-Cheshire services in New Zealand, India and Timor-Leste. In keeping with the vision of our founders, we are dedicated to alleviating human suffering by providing relief and rehabilitation services to those in need.

Ryder-Cheshire Ivanhoe Homes

Low cost accommodation for patients and their carers whilst attending appointments and receiving treatment at any Melbourne hospital located over 100kms one way from the patients home

Our Foundation was formed out of a desire to provide a caring, ‘forever home’ for people living with a disability in the community.
As with all Ryder-Cheshire homes our guiding philosophy is the relief of suffering without discrimination.

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust is devoted to the relief of suffering. It seeks to render personal service to those in need and to give affection to those who are unloved, regardless of age, race or creed, as part of the Human Family.

Leonard Cheshire

For more than 70 years, we have been supporting disabled people. In the UK and around the world, we work with partners to open doors to opportunity. We also work hard to break down barriers that deny disabled people their basic rights.

Leonard Cheshire Rewind

Learn more about the history of Leonard Cheshire and disability in years gone by, through films, photographs and journals.

Latest News

We welcome you to walk around the four facilities that are part of the Ryder-Cheshire Family?

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 Archival Audio Leonard Cheshire – Carolyn Jones 1989

Ryder-Cheshire Constitution 2021
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