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Celebrating Volunteers

A question to you all. Why do we volunteer?

We certainly don’t do it for the weekly pay packet!

Nearly 50% of the population in Australia and NZ are volunteers. It has been calculated in NZ, a population of 5 million, that the value of the volunteer dollar contributes over $4 billion each year to the NZ economy. So, you work out the figures for Australia, pretty impressive numbers hey!

Volunteers are a very impressive and selfless bunch. We are all here for a common cause, we all believe in the Ryder-Cheshire mission, to relieve suffering by restoring dignity to people who are most vulnerable.

We all know how hard it is chasing the charity dollar and that the future of Ryder-Cheshire is in our hands.

We have learnt to be more creative in our thinking and use of social media in attracting membership, donations, and organising fundraising activities.

In NZ we decided that we had to be more current with our branding.

We find having fundraising events that attract all age groups is beneficial. It brings everyone together and unites us supporting all that is Ryder-Cheshire; and being part of our succession plan.

We need to spread the word that anyone can volunteer whether you are young or old, male or female, unemployed or working full-time, rich or poor.

For young people, volunteering can be a way of building new skills and adding to their CV; getting practical experience can boost employment prospects and an opportunity to make new friends.

Retirees also benefit from volunteering, playing an important role in active ageing, as well as reinforcing solidarity between generations. Volunteering helps to put an end to the mentality that being older somehow stops a person from actively participating in or contributing to society – indeed quite the opposite. Retirees are a huge source of potential and experience that can be transferred into the world of volunteering.

For everyone, the skills learnt, and the experiences had through voluntary activities enrich our lives.

Volunteering helps foster greater understanding and tolerance between different groups in society. It plays an important part in breaking ignorance and prejudice of poverty and social exclusion.

I encourage you all to plan a visit to Klibur Domin and Raphael, this will give you an understanding as to what is happening at “grass roots” and ignite the passion to support these people.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being a volunteer.

Studies reveal that individuals who volunteer have a lower death rate than the individuals who don’t. I wish you all a long and fulfilling life.

Carolyn Tapley

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