Ryder-Cheshire Sponsorship Drive 2023 to 2025

Getting ready to cut the ribbon

At the Ryder-Cheshire Australia Biennial Conference on 6 May in Ballarat, the RCA Sponsorship Drive was launched by RCA President Rory McEwen. He was assisted by three Ballarat Schools. Two young students from Ballarat Clarendon College used giant golden scissors to cut the ribbon held ably by students from Ballarat Grammar School and the Principal from Mount Blowhard Primary School. Each of these schools has Ryder-Cheshire Sponsorships.

Ryder-Cheshire is unique and there are very few charities like Ryder-Cheshire, which is run  100% by volunteers and 100% of our sponsorship funds goes to Raphael and Klibur Domin.

Why a Sponsorship Drive?

This is Ryder-Cheshire Australia’s fundraising event over the next three years, from 2023 to 2025. Sponsorships provide Ryder-Cheshire with a regular, reliable source of income to support Raphael and Klibur Domin for their ‘relief of suffering’ programs into the future.

What is an RCA Sponsorship?

It is a regular ongoing donation to support the programs at Raphael and Klibur Domin.

It is $365 per year, however, any amount is welcome. This can be paid in regular instalments throughout the year or in full once a year. All sponsorship money goes to Raphael and Klibur Domin with an OAF (Overseas Aid Fund) receipt provided for taxation purposes.

Sponsorships are regular, reliable money, which enable the two Homes to plan better and invest in sustainable and value-adding improvements to their operations.

What can I do as part of the RCA Sponsorship Drive?

Consider committing to a sponsorship?  Talk to family members, friends, colleagues, business acquaintances about taking out a sponsorship.  Approach groups that I belong to making them aware of Ryder Cheshire’s important work and the difference a sponsorship will make.

Explain how sponsorships help ‘the relief of suffering’ and will makes a difference at Raphael and Klibur Domin.

Identify groups such as Lions, Rotary, Probus, Apex, Churches, schools, and seek assistance from Ryder Cheshire Committee and Board members to assist in delivering a talk.

 To learn more go to:  Sponsorships

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