Klibur Domin International Volunteers

Klibur Domin International Volunteers
Early Australian volunteers at Klibur Domin in January 2001More than 400 international volunteers have provided ongoing assistance and support to Klibur Domin since September 2000.  Some volunteers have stayed for more than two years and some have returned numerous times to continue their involvement.  Rotary Clubs have sent many teams of volunteers to Klibur Domin to undertake new projects and maintenance. 

Volunteers are warmly welcomed at Klibur Domin and provide invaluable support to the local management and staff.  People interested in volunteering at Klibur Domin should contact the Ryder-Cheshire Australia Volunteer Coordinator, Susie Mackerras on [email protected].

Rotary Clubs 

Rotary volunteers departing

Rotary Clubs in Australia have provided a lot of support for Klibur Domin, commencing in October 2000 when a team of nine Rotarians from Victoria spent two weeks at Klibur Domin making the buildings and services safe and usable.  Since then, Rotary Clubs have sent many teams of volunteers to Klibur Domin to undertake projects and maintenance tasks.  Rotary has also supported Klibur Domin financially, including providing funds for a GeneXpert machine (for the rapid detection of TB), a 4WD Toyota Hilux (for the CBR Team) and a contribution to the Solar Panels project.

Friends of Klibur Domin

An initiative of the Rotarians has been to set up the “Friends of Klibur Domin”, a group of previous, and potentially future volunteers and supporters and those simply interested in knowing more about Klibur Domin. Newsletters are produced and distributed to the “Friends of Klibur Domin” with stories and pictures of volunteers’ experiences, as well as being a platform to provide news of recent important events and happenings at Klibur Domin, and in the Districts it serves.
To be added to the “Friends of Klibur Domin” distribution list, simply provide your name and email address to John Kirby on [email protected]

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