Raphael, in the northern Indian town of Dehradun, is a well established home for people who are sick or disabled.  Volunteers are an essential and integral part of Raphael and bring with them their own diverse cultures, language and traditions. For the residents of Raphael, this provides invaluable exposure to the outside world which would not have otherwise existed. Residents and staff all look forward to the volunteers’ visits which help make Raphael a happier and more cheerful place.

What do volunteers do?

Most volunteers at Raphael work in the Special Education Unit and are placed in classrooms assisting Indian staff with exercises, academic activities, domestic skills and dance classes. They also help with staging cultural programs.

Volunteers with specific training may work in other areas, for example, physiotherapy.

Am I eligible?

Anyone with a desire to assist, from gap year students to retirees, is welcome to apply.

For how long?

Raphael prefers a minimum placement of three months, however where there are good reasons other periods of time will be considered.

What are the costs?

  • Return travel from your home to Raphael, including flights, internal travel to/from Dehradun, and a visa;
  • A police check if you don’t already hold one (approx. $50);
  • Any medical requirements including inoculations;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Nominal charge for basic meals and accommodation (about $6.00 per day);
  • Funds for private travel on weekends and any other activities outside Raphael.
  • Note: RCA does not charge an administrative fee to arrange the placement of volunteers.

What is the accommodation?

There is a comfortable 4 bedroom volunteer cottage, ensuite bathrooms with western style toilets and a shared communal dining/sitting area.

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To find out more contact:

Overseas Volunteers’ Co-ordinator
Susie Mackerras
Email: Volunteering

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