Playground update

Recycled Playground for Tibar
Swing set for Tibar
Dis-assembled playground awaiting shipment to Tibar via Dili.

We are pleased to report that there are now TWO sets of dis-assembled playground equipment at Rotary’s Melbourne Donations In Kind depot, ready to be loaded into a container for shipment to Dili, then to Tibar. We appreciate the support from both Mount Gambier and Whitehorse City Councils and Rotary Clubs of Mt Gambier Lakes and Nunawadding and the team from RORP (Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds).

To be added to the container are some shade sails and very large trampoline – all made possible by terrific fundraising at various individual donors, Church parishes, and in particular St Joseph’s Primary School in Elsternwick – CONGRATULATIONS on the amount you raised. Their dollars went even further with the huge discount given to us by Vuly Play, based in Brisbane. (See link to view the trampoline they provided

John Kirby

THANK YOU once again for your interest and support for one of our nearest neighbours, Timor-Leste, and in particular the Ryder-Cheshire Australia supported facility Klibur Domin (meaning ‘Shared Love’ in Tetum.)

John Kirby  RCA Liaison Officer For The Relief of Suffering

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