Arriving for the first time in Dehradun after spending a few days amongst the craziness that is Delhi I could not believe the tranquillity of Raphael.

As soon as we entered the iron gates and made our way down the long driveway I felt instantly at home amongst the tall trees and forestry.

After travelling for 5 weeks through South-East Asia it was nice to unpack and have a place for our belongings.

The first 2 weeks were a whirlwind of introductions to the culture and happenings of Raphael. We got stuck right into helping in the classroom and quickly discovered the vast differences between home and India.

The language and culture differences experienced seemed to be a never-ending barrier, but over time, with support from the teachers and senior staff everyday life at Raphael became normal.

My time here was surprising, most definitely challenging, but immensely rewarding as well.

The special bond I feel to Raphael and the children here is an amazing feeling I will never forget.

Raphael and all its associated events and part-takings is truly inspiring and I feel so lucky to have experienced this place first hand.

I cannot wait to return and do it all again one day!

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