Dear RCA Supporters and Friends of Klibur Domin,

As you are no doubt aware, the cyclone that hit Timor-Leste and parts of Indonesia, has caused tremendous damage and loss of life. Reports we have been receiving indicate that damage and number of deaths are much greater than initially reported in Australian media.

Of particular concern to us is the damage to the Ryder-Cheshire Home, Klibur Domin, at Tibar just west of Dili. Whilst damage to our infrastructure is not severe, many homes of the Klibur Domin employees have been devastated. Perhaps it is best to simply quote the words of Klibur Domin’s Managing Director Sr Joaquim Soares:

“Thank you for thinking of us and monitoring the terrible disaster happening in TL.
Sorry for the late reply as we are still difficulty to access internet and no electricity.

I am pleased to inform that my family and I are well except our house and the area surrounding us get damage and six people were killed from our neighbour because of flood and landslides from the hill behind our house in Comoro, Dili.

Our house is now in very dangerous place because of landslides and several houses behind us on the hill are going to fall down which could damage our house soon.

I just come to Klibur Domin today (07Apl) and checked that KD compound is well protected by the drainage and fencing we build in several years ago funded by RCA which is really good.  All the patients and residents are also well.

The Tibar community and other organisations surrounding KD are affected very badly by the floods.  About 7 or 9 of KD staff who live in Tibar are also affected by the flood.  I am still to find out other staff who live in Dili and other places.  We are going to provide some food support to KD staff who are affected by the flood but still collecting the information.

It will be great if RCA and other Friends of KD could provide some support to the victims of Tibar community and the KD staff.’’

 Accordingly, we now launch an APPEAL FOR DONATIONS to be applied to repairing damage at Klibur Domin and providing aid to the devastated local community.

We invite you and your friends and acquaintances to contribute what you can to support our near neighbours. Their need is urgent and any amount will be very gratefully received.

The best way to get financial help to Klibur Domin is via the Australian Ryder-Cheshire Overseas Aid Fund.

Click on Donate, you will see various ways to donate.   Direct deposit is preferred;  make sure you select  Klibur Domin Cyclone Relief from the donation destination dropdown menu.

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