Ballarat Support Group

Ballarat Support Group

Ballarat Support Group (BSG) has a long and proud history with Ryder-Cheshire.  BSG is  based upon solid foundations beginning in December 1964 when Leonard Cheshire, one of the Founders of Ryder-Cheshire, visited Ballarat.  A public meeting of over 800 people packed the Ballarat Civic Hall the evening of his first visit.

BSG has maintained a loyal support base whose collective wisdom and sense of history is relied on to guide the group into the future. BSG continues to grow and evolve.

BSG meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 4.30pm. The meetings discuss and plan ways to support the Mission the relief of suffering without discrimination. Fund raising activities include sponsorships for programs and residents at Raphael in India, and sponsorships for programs at Klibur Domin in Timor-Leste. Individuals, community groups and schools sponsor both these homes. Other activities include seasonal fund raising activities and information events such as movie Sundays, trivia nights, Rotary Club monster raffles, special anniversary events.

BSG enjoys positive links to: The Ballarat Foundation Volunteers Co-ordinators’ Network, The City of Ballarat Ainaro Friendship Group, Soroptimists International Australian Catholic University and Federation University.

BSG has responded to requests to talk with community groups, schools and universities.

BSG is ever mindful of the words of an early Ballarat Support Group member, Anne Nott, ‘It is the belief that it is possible to make the world a better place that keeps the light of Sue and Leonards’ vision shining  –  the relief of suffering.’

Ballarat Support Group
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