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Jamie HeadEven having previously heard and read stories of Raphael I had no real idea what to expect when I began volunteering there. What I found and experienced lived up to and surpassed any expectations I’d previously had. I came away with a new found understanding, a love of children with mental and physical disabilities, some basic Hindi, an increased confidence within myself, a possible career change and a different outlook on life. Not bad for three months. Continue reading JAMIE


DawnA glimpse of Raphael and Dehra Dun

As the clarion call of the Muslim early Morning Prayer call echoed into my deep sleep at 5.30 am, the cool chill of the winter airbrushed my face. A dash to the bathroom to turn on the hot water cistern was bracing but necessary if I wanted a hot shower in 30 minutes. Glimpsing the mist outside on this relatively mild winter in Dehra Dun, the Indian climate was to my liking. Continue reading Dawn


Amelia HeadI arrived in Raphael in November 2012 and it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

Raphael offers each volunteer a multi-tiered experience. Even if you initially give assistance in one area, being the school, hospital or one of the adult education programs, you will find yourself swept up in the spirit of the place and taking valuable life lessons from each part of the organization. Continue reading AMELIA


Josh headRaphael has a very clear sense of history. I felt it the first time my rickshaw drove through the arched gate, the first time I stepped into the volunteers’ mess hall and the first time I met the Ava Vihar children. I felt it the first time I flicked through the past volunteers’ notebook, right up until the day I left my own departing note, four months later. I’m incredibly proud that I’m now a very small part of its history as well. Continue reading Josh