TB Program

Case Detection

tb testing in fieldKD staff work over a large area of Liquisa and Ermera Districts. Conditions in the field are difficult – very poor roads and no facilities for examining suspected TB cases and sputum collection.

Community Leaders in Bazartete

tb Volunteer TrainingKD staff provide training for community leaders from village through to District Administration. The support of these leaders is essential to encourage TB suspects to come forward, for patients to comply with treatment and to recruit local community volunteers to work in their villages. Participants are reimbursed for their expenses and a meal is provided.

Volunteer training in Mota Aulun

tb Volunteer Training2The community-based TB program would not be possible without KD’s trained volunteers. They work in their own villages; they find suspected cases of TB, encourage themto have a sputum test and then monitor the on-going treatment once the patient returns from the 2 month inpatient stay at KD. The volunteers receive a small reimbursement of their expenses, such as mobile phone cards and money for fuel.

Education for TB patients & Families

TB Patient EducationEducation for TB patients and their family members is provided when the patient is receiving intensive treatment in Klibur Domin and also out in the villages to encourage families to be tested and to support their family member to continue treatment.

Health Education in Schools

TB School EducationMany young people are exposed to and contract TB. Education in schools aims to reduce the stigma of TB and to spread information into families.

Inpatient Service

TB Inpatient ServiceWhen a person is diagnosed with TB, they are admitted to one of 7 albergues or inpatient facility for 2 months of intensive treatment, Klibur Domin being the largest of these with accommodation for 25 TB patients. They receive drug treatment and medical care, if needed. They are given extra nutrition, especially protein – malnutrition is a major problem in Timor-Leste – and also attend health education sessions. Their families also attend health education session as poor housing means cross-infection within families is likely.

MDR program

Multi-drug resistant TB is a growing problem in Timor-Leste. The new MDR facility will accommodate 4 inpatients. There is one MDR patient, Angelo Malive at KD at present and another, Laurinda da Silva at the Baire Pite Clinic in Dili who will be transferred to KD when the new building is finished.