Management & Staff


Klibur Domin is managed and staffed by Timorese people who run the home, including all nursing, caring, cooking, cleaning, driving, administration, maintenance, and security.  Overall control of the home rests with the Klibur Domin Board of Management.

International volunteers provide some ongoing assistance and support. There have been more than 200 volunteers who have worked at Klibur Domin since September 2000. Some volunteers have stayed for two or more years and some have returned several times to continue their involvement. Others have stayed for a week or two, depending on their work and family commitments.

Funding of Klibur Domin

The majority of funds required to operate Klibur Domin is raised in Australia by individual sponsorships, public donations and fund raising by Ryder-Cheshire volunteers.
Other money is provided by the Ministries of Health and Social Solidarity and occasionally by other international charities and organisations.