Klibur Domin Programs

Klibur Domin provides the following programs:

  • Inpatients Services. Klibur Domin has 50 beds for inpatients referred from the Dili National Hospital, Community Health Centres and from Klibur Domin outreach program both TB and CBR.
  • Residential Care for five elderly residents with disabilities. They live in a special home (the Barbara Cottage) and receive care and support from the Klibur Domin staff.
  • Klibur Domin’s outreach teams. The patients receive nursing care and other support from the trained staff at Klibur Domin.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). The CBR program has identified nearly 290 children and adults with disabilities in their homes and villages in surrounding districts. These people receive support from the CBR team in the form of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and material support. Wheelchairs, ramps, water and sanitation and other specialised equipment are provided to assist with their mobility. Many of the children in the program are now able to attend schools, whereas before they had no option but to remain at home.
  • Respite Centre. A 12 bed Respite Centre provides accommodation and support for those people with disabilities identified under the CBR program who would benefit from some rest and recuperation for several weeks. They receive good meals and intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy during that time. There are also five young people with disabilities from remote villages living in the Respite Centre while they undertake their secondary education at a nearby school.
  • Tuberculosis Program. Half of the 50 inpatient beds are dedicated to patients being treated for tuberculosis (TB). They receive ongoing support and care, including supervised medication during their time at Klibur Domin which can often stretch into many months.
  • A mobile TB Team travels to remote villages in sub districts west of Klibur Domin detecting and treating TB. Hundreds of people have been cured, and TB has been virtually eliminated from many villages. Most people are treated locally with medication taken under the supervision of Klibur Domin trained Timorese volunteers. Those with more severe symptoms are transferred to the Dili National Hospital, District Health Clinics or to Klibur Domin for inpatient treatment.
  • A purpose built four bed Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) ward provides intensive nursing care for patients with highly infectious MDR-TB.   It is the only such facility in Timor-Leste. MDR-TB is the most virulent form of TB and often takes 20 months to cure. A GeneXpert machine has been acquired to provide extremely fast diagnosis of MDR-TB and other strains of TB. This allows appropriate treatment to commence in the shortest possible time.