Klibur Domin Residence

Long-term residents move into their new home

Front View
Front of view of Resident house

The six elderly long-term residents at Klibur Domin were helped to move into their new home on 9 February 2011. KD staff prepared the new building, moved furniture and assisted the residents to pack and move their belongings to their bright new rooms.

The new building is painted a very attractive creamy yellow/orange outside and the same, but slightly darker colour inside. There are six bedrooms, four bathrooms,  a lounge /dining area and one small storage. It has non-slip tiles on the floor, ceiling fans and flush toilets.
The residents are proud and delighted with their new home. At the weekend there was a party atmosphere as patients from the rehab ward visited them. The ducks soon found the new place but have been banned from going inside.

Staff member Carmelita helps Clara to unpack
Staff member Carmelita helps Clara to unpack.

KD has six residents; they are Clara, Daubais, Fatima, Joaquim, Maria and Romeo. Apart from Maria who came in 2007, all residents have live at Klibur Domin since Indonesian times. The Ministry of Social Solidarity has approached KD for several times to admit another new resident at KD. This person has been staying on the street in Dili for many months without support from family. KD has accepted to take the person but will need to talk to family and MSS before admitted the new resident.

Fatima in her new room
Fatima in her new room.
Staff member helping
Staff member Carlos helping Joaquim, Daubais and Fatima to settle in.

The cost of the new building was US$34,426.20 with some small finishing touches still to be done. These include some minor building items, clean-up around the outside of the house, a garden and some new furniture. The construction and its crew of local and Philippino workers was overseen by Philippino engineer, Cesar Ferrer with Director, Joaquim Soares and Head of Department Support Services, Gregori o Mendes managing the project for KD.
Joaquim says although this saved a lot of money – the cost could have been twice the amount if totally contracted out – and Cesar is easy and helpful to work with, the time involved and the worry of managing the project were too great for KD to do this every time there is a building project.

Making fly-wire screens for the new residents’ house
Making fly-wire screens for the new residents’ house.

The funds for this project came from Barbara Lewis’s bequest (A$15,000), RCF Victoria (2009 Dinner – A$26,000) and a further A$5,000 if needed from RCF SA.
Work started immediately on dismantling / demolishing the residents’ old house next door in preparation for building the respite house.