DSC_1110Klibur Domin was established in 2000 to relieve the suffering of Timorese people who are sick, disabled or destitute, without discrimination.


Klibur Domin:
  • Treats low care patients who are awaiting or recovering from surgery, and others with medical conditions including TB, strokes, wounds, kidney failure, bone fractures and malnutrition.
  • Provides high care for Multi Drug Resistant TB patients
  • Accommodates elderly residents, some with disabilities
  • Detects and treats TB in remote villages.
  • Supports people with disabilities in remote villages
  • Provides respite care for people with disabilities.
Klibur Domin provides, free of charge:
  • Accommodation and nursing care for up to 70 patients and residents
  • Special accommodation and nursing for four Multi-Drug Resistant TB patients
  • Transport to the Dili National Hospital for patients requiring more intensive treatment
  • Supervised medication for all patients and residents
  • Exercise programs with trained staff
  • Health education
  • Good nutrition
  • Support and loving care
  • Long term care and support for five elderly people who have disabilities and are homeless.
  • A Mobile TB Team which visits outlying villages to conduct diagnostic tests and supervise treatment and medication.
  • A Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Team which identifies children and adults with disabilities living in outlying villages. This team provides assessments, therapy, equipment, and ongoing support for these people and their families, in their homes and at their schools.
  • A 12 bed Respite Centre where people from the CBR program can come to Klibur Domin for rest and recuperation.
  • Training for local health volunteers in rural villages.

A message in Tetum

Bem-vindo iha Fundasaun Klibur Domin. Ami nia edificio iha Suco Tibar,Postu administrasaun Bazartete, Municipio de Liquisa, Timor- Leste. Husi Dili ba Klibur Domin ho distancia kilometro 15.

Fundasaun Klibur Domin mak nudar organizasaun karidade ida nebe tau matan ba Timor oan sira nebe moras, defisientes no kiak sira.   Klbur Domin nia programa mak hanesan Serbisu Internamento ba rehabilitasaun saude ba pasiente sira, programa kontra moras TBC, no program apoiu defisiente sira(programa CBR). Ami mos fornece hela fatin permanente ba idozo sira nebe ho defisientes fisico, matan and mental .

Ami mos iha voluntario barak husi Australia nebe fo ajuda iha area program TBC, CBR no Internamento. Voluntario sira mos ajuda iha area jestaun adminstrasaun organizasaun nian.

Fundus ba organizasaun maioria apoiu husi Ryder-Cheshire Australia hodi implementa programa sira iha Fundasaun Klibur Domin. Fundu sira seluk mai husi governo Timor-Leste, liu husi Ministerio de Solidariedade Social no Ministerio de Saude. Fundo sira seluk mai husi organizasaun International balun iha Timor-Leste.