The New Kitchen and TB Lab at Klibur Domin

IMG_1008 (1)There has been a lot of renovation work undertaken at Klibur Domin over the past few months and the photos on this page should ‘say a thousand words’ about some of the very successful results that have been achieved.

The kitchen has been completely remodelled and fitted out with gleaming new, hygienic stainless steel work surfaces, and the old annex next to it has been removed. The new kitchen is now in use and is very much appreciated by the staff. Creating such a wonderful facility is a credit to all the people at Klibur Domin and Ryder-Cheshire Australia who had a hand in its design and construction, and also those who have supported the activities of the Ryder-Cheshire Victoria Committee which provided the funding.

IMG_0003The new TB lab was opened late last year, but it has just recently received its long awaited stainless steel furniture and work surfaces. In the tropical climate of Timor-Leste, stainless steel is a huge asset as it creates much more sterile, efficient and pleasant working conditions. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition, and in particular to the huge generosity of Therese Crollick and the Rotary Club of Ballina who provided the funding.