The launch of Peter Newton’s book ‘Klibur Domin Sharing With Love’.

Peter N Book Launch-small Peter is the dedicated, long serving President of Ryder-Cheshire Australia and was the driving force behind the inception and growth of Klibur Domin (the Ryder-Cheshire Home in Timor Leste).  The book is a thoroughly researched and yet deeply personal account of the ‘perfect storm’ of issues within both Ryder-Cheshire Australia and Timor Leste that led to Peter’s Christmas  morning epiphany in 2000, and to the ensuing search for the right project, premises and people.  It is a great story encompassing the efforts of all those who have contributed to the establishment and development of Klibur Domin. The Ryder-Cheshire goal of working to relieve suffering is clearly evident throughout the book, and you can certainly see why the Tetum title Klibur Domin, which means sharing with love, was chosen as the name of this unique place.

photo 1A very successful series of events to launch Peter’s book began in Mt Gambier in October, followed by Ballarat and Melbourne in November, and there will be similar events in Sydney and Canberra early next year. The first run of 300 copies has nearly sold out and a new run of 200 has just been printed. This book would make a welcome addition to the library of all those interested in Ryder- Cheshire activities, but would also make a great gift for others less familiar with the organisation and its work, as well as for those with an interest in Timor Leste.
The book is very reasonably priced at $10, with an extra $4 per copy for postage. Copies may be purchased in person from the Ryder-Cheshire Homes at 14 Donaldson Street Ivanhoe in Victoria, or for copies to be posted please telephone (03) 98943191 or email to