Recently we had the privilege of spending two weeks as volunteers   at Klibur Domin.  We were warmly welcomed into this eclectic community and were impressed by the wide range of programs operating out of KD.

We were happy to fit in where needed while we were there.

Stuart joined Barry (volunteer) in general maintenance around the place and in continuing to work on the kitchen garden established by Barry.  They also spent time sorting and repairing equipment stored in a container on the compound. We had taken

some medical supplies over with us and Stuart, a nurse, spent time with the clinic nurse going through the supplies and discussing how they could be used.  Stuart also had the opportunity to spend a day
with the immunisation team which was a highlight for him professionally.

We travelled into a few villages in the Liquisa district delivering the materials to build toilets for families who had a disabled member.  We were very impressed with the relationship that the Community team have with these families.

I was able to prepare the six month report from data provided by the different programs. I also enjoyed doing a mosaic table with some of the kids from St Damien’s. This proved to be a
popular activity and now sits in the garden outside St Damien’s.  I also spent time sorting equipment in the Rehab room with Sue (volunteer).

We sat in on the
English classes that Sue and Barry were holding with some staff who wished to improve their English.  Cooking was a favourite activity in these classes.

Stuart and Barry hung a swing in the garden, making it safer with bamboo mulch and coffee husks under it.  Barry had previously built a raised herb/vegetable garden here, and it was a pleasure to look out our window

and see so much activity in this area.


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