Schools and Universities Support Ryder-Cheshire Home

DSCN0193 copy-smallPrimary schools, secondary schools and universities are wonderful supporters of the Ryder-Cheshire Homes in India, Raphael, and East Timor, Klibur Domin.  Some of our Australian schools and universities have given dedicated support for thirty or forty years, and others have been inspired to come on board more recently. Many of these Australian schools and universities have provided generous donations of money, books, computers and other forms of material support to the communities at Raphael and Klibur Domin.

Equally importantly, these schools and universities have also provided moral support and encouragement to all the residents and staff at Raphael and Klibur Domin through the exchange of letters, photos, art work and emails, as well as via social media, volunteering and visits. Ryder-Cheshire Australia sincerely thanks each and every school and university who has supported, and continue to support, Raphael and Klibur Domin.
Below are some ‘snap shots’ of the contribution of some of the schools and universities who support Raphael and Klibur Domin. We would like to recognise all the work of Ryder-Cheshire Australia, so if your school or university is not featured in this article please contact us and let us know your details so that we can highlight your support at another time.

Abbotsleigh School for Girls
Pacific Highway, Wahraoonga, NSW

Abbotsleigh accepted responsibility for a sponsorship at Raphael in 1966. They maintained this sponsorship until about four years ago. At that point they requested a change to East Timor and since then have enthusiastically supported the work at Klibur Domin.

Ascham School
New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW

Ascham joined as sponsors in 1967. Their focus has always been on Raphael. The school has faithfully supported their project for 45 years.

Australian Catholic University-Ballarat Campus
Mair Street, Ballarat, VIC

As part of their studies, Education students are required to partner with a community organization, locally, nationally or internationally. Four Early Childhood Development students partnered with the Ryder-Cheshire Support Group in Ballarat. Their brief was to develop a culturally sensitive early childhood literacy package of learning material. They consulted via Skype with Klibur Domin’s Director, Sr Joaquim Soares, and AVI volunteer, Margot Fitzpatrick. One of the learning resources was a picture storybook, “ Where Does Grandfather Go?” The storybook had themes of healthy life style and the value of family. The story was written by ACU student, Rachel Martino, illustrated by East Timorese artist, Tony Amaril and translated by Pelle, both from the Arte Moris Art Community in Dili. The students used the Support Group as their advisors and mentors. Timor Aid produced a small print-run which was trialled in some primary schools in East Timor. The East Timorese Ministry of Education noticed the storybook and subsequently printed copies for all primary schools in East Timor. The ACU Campus has further supported literacy through the printing of literacy material in local languages for remote village schools through out East Timor. This material is now available, free to down load from the web site

Ballarat Clarendon College
Mair Street, Ballarat, VIC

More than 35 years ago Ballarat Clarendon College was inspired by the beliefs and work of Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder when they visited Ballarat. The College’s first sponsorship was for Asha at Raphael. Every year since, the Junior School students have been hosting their very own Asha Fair Day. It is organized and managed by the students with support from their parents and teachers. The whole Junior School becomes abuzz with the fun and excitement of the fair activities. Recently money raised by the students enabled a wonderful modern adventure playground to be constructed at Raphael. This facility has brought much joy to the residents as well as many exciting learning skills and physical activities.

Ballarat Grammar School
Forest Street, Wendouree, VIC

Tb work 15.11.13-smallThe Junior School students have been investigating the disease TB, which is prevalent throughout East Timor, as part of their learning program. The Director of Klibur Domin, Sr Joaquim Soares, the KD TB Team and AVI volunteer, Siobhan Reeves, have supported the students’ studies. The students’ work has been the impetus for publishing TB information for children in village schools as part of the KD Outreach Program. This will be in a post card format that is highly children-friendly. The school has been sponsoring residents at Raphael for over 35 years. The School holds Bina Day annually which is totally run by the students who sell all sorts of items to raise funds for Raphael. The students eagerly look forward to Bina Day. It is a fun packed day for them all. The Senior School has placed an advertisement in their school newsletters to attract both current students and ex-students to consider volunteering at Raphael for their Gap Year, Schoolies Week, in-country experience and community service.

Ballarat Specialist School
Gilles Street, Lake Wendouree, VIC

Earlier this year the Ballarat Support Group met with the whole staff of the Ballarat Specialist School to talk about Ryder-Cheshire and in particular the work at Raphael. Both Raphael and the Ballarat Specialist School conduct similar programs for their young clients. After viewing the Raphael DVD and some discussion the School considered that volunteering at Raphael would be a wonderful professional learning experience and later this year one of their staff members will be volunteering at Raphael.

Damascus College
Geelong Road, Mt Clear, VIC

IMG_1606-smallStudents from Damascus College take an annual pilgrimage to their sister college, Santa Maria College, in the District of Ainaro in East Timor. They conduct fund raising events, in particular highly successful film evenings. This year as part of their pilgrimage they made a visit to Klibur Domin. Upon completion of their visit they presented a cheque to the Director, Sr Joaquim Soares, to assist with the work at the facility.

Kincoppal-RoseBay, School of the Sacred Heart
New South Head Road, Rose Bay, NSW

In 1965 the school agreed to sponsor a child named Patrus from the Little White House at Raphael. When Patrus graduated from school and left Raphael for tertiary training, the students at Kincoppal took on a new sponsorship, of Jenny, from Ava Vihar. Many years later, Patrus, along with his wife, Kanti, joined the Little White House as House Parents

Loreto College
Sturt Street, Lake Wendouree, VIC

IMG_1435-smallStaring over 35 years ago, Loreto College has been supporting Raphael’s programs and projects ever since. This was inspired by a visit from Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire to the College. The students of Mornane House are responsible for raising funds for Raphael. They conduct Easter raffles each year. The students donate Easter eggs and sell thousands of tickets. Another fund raising event has been a walk-a-thon around Lake Wendouree.

Mt Blowhard and Learmonth Primary Schools
Mt Bolton, Ballarat, VIC

These two Primary Schools are small schools in country Victoria just out of Ballarat. Their Junior School Councils organize and raise funds through a variety of activities such as busking, walk up the mountain, dress up days and market day stalls to support the education of Savita, at Raphael. They so look forward to reading about her educational achievements, latest hobbies and interests. They have been able to respond to these reports by engaging the services of Ballarat volunteers to Raphael who have taken the students’ letters to Savita. This year Learmonth Primary School closed its doors due to declining student population so Mt Blowhard Primary School is now partnering with nearby Hepburn Primary School.

St Ignatius College, Riverview
Tambourine Bay Road, Lane Cove, NSW

One of the Houses at the College is named after Leonard Cheshire. The boys from Cheshire House raise funds for Ryder-Cheshire. A very generous donation was sent earlier this year. This money, along with funds from other donors, has been used to support the rebuilding of the TB Lab at Klibur Domin in East Timor.

University of Ballarat – Mt Helen Campus
Gear Avenue, Mt Helen, VIC

The Ballarat University hosts a Volunteers’ Expo as part of their Leadership Program. The Expo is to enable the university students to gain a good understanding of volunteer opportunities that are available with in local, national and international communities. Ryder-Cheshire Ballarat Support Group was invited to participate in the Expo and as a result Ryder-Cheshire is listed on the University of Ballarat’s website as a contact for volunteering.

Walford Anglican School for Girls
Unley Road, Hyde Park, SA

00177-smallWalford Anglican School for Girls has been involved in supporting Ryder-Cheshire for over 30 years. Initially a fashion parade was held to raise funds. In more recent times the proceeds from the St Elizabeth Day Picnic have been given to this cause. For the last few years the girls have also raised money by holding a formal fashion parade. After the Year 12 Formal, girls bring their glamorous gowns to school and parade for the other students who give a gold coin donation to attend the parade. It seems fitting that after such a wonderful night they can give back in some way. The younger girls all dream of the night they too will dress up and look so elegant. Walford students are well informed of the work being done at Raphael, having listened to some inspiring speakers on several occasions. Along with supporting Antipodeans Abroad, World Vision and an annual community project through ABM, the girls are serious about helping those less fortunate than themselves.

Thank you to all these school and universities for their generous support of Raphael and Klibur Domin. We hope that your students and staff have all experienced the well-known personal benefits that are gained by those who voluntarily serve their own community and the international community.
Many educational institutions are now ensuring that community-service, volunteering and engagement with the international community are embedded in their curriculum and in the personal and professional development opportunities available to their students and staff. Therefore, if other schools or universities would like to become involved in supporting Raphael or Klibur Domin please contact Ryder-Cheshire Australia through the
Ryder-Cheshire Contact Page