The last Christmas cards and notelets were sold in December 2021. Ballarat Support Group and Bendigo Support Group were able to sell the last of the cards. 

St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Bendigo sold Ryder-Cheshire cards at their Christmas shop. This was organized through Hugh Elphinstone. 

The Ballarat Combined Charities’ Christmas Cards Shop sold cards last year from October through to December. Janice Cook has been working with the shop for many years to provide the card stock. 

Ryder-Cheshire is not printing any more cards due to the move away from paper cards to paper-less cards. 

Thank you to all the Ryder-Cheshire Card Secretaries who have handled the selling of the cards for a long time. 

Special thanks  goes to Helen Newton for her meticulous and tireless work managing the Ryder-Cheshire cards for many years. Your work is so appreciated. 

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