Timothy Burns headMotivation was not hard to find at Klibur Domin

Ryder-Cheshire Australia values the work of our all overseas volunteers and we look forward to receiving their reports at the end of their assignments. With his permission, we would like to share some reflections from a recent report by Timothy Burns.

Timothy BurnsIn 2013 Tim left his job as a public servant and went as a volunteer to Klibur Domin, the Ryder-Cheshire home in Timor-Leste, where his assignment was to conduct an organisational capacity assessment.  In the following extract, Tim gives a very beautiful summary of this experience.
‘Motivation was not hard to find at Klibur Domin. I saw the important work of the staff in the in-patient, TB and CRB teams every day and the difference that they made to some of the most vulnerable people in Timor. I also took great inspiration from the work of the Director, Sr Soares and it was my great privilege to work with this indefatigable, intelligent and brilliant man who was so committed and passionate to both the organisation and more broadly the welfare of the people with a disability in his country. Moreover, as I learnt of the history of Klibur Domin through my work, I was humbled by the commitment that so many had made to the organisation – I came to realise that the buildings and staff of which I had been so impressed when I arrived were not there by chance, but by the direct support of many individuals and groups who had worked so hard before me.’
And, Tim finished his report with the following equally moving comments.
‘I am very grateful to Ryder-Cheshire and Klibur Domin for giving me the opportunity to work with them. For me it was the catalyst for a change in my life and career and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to give back more to these organisations than they have given me. As I commence work in Timor for a new organisation, I still consider myself to be a KD and RCA person, and look forward to hearing more news about their continued success.’

We are very grateful to hear such wonderful reports about our volunteers’ experiences, and we are all privileged to play a part in working toward achieving the Ryder-Cheshire goal of the relief of suffering without discrimination.