In Loving Memory of Anne Aunty

In Loving Memory of Anne Aunty

It was very sad news for me when I heard Anne Aunty passed away but her memories always in my heart,

Anne Aunty
Anne Aunty with Pratima Singh Rana

Hi, I am Pratima Singh Rana, grown up at Raphael Ryder Cheshire at Dehradun, India. When I was born after one year my parents were worried about me because I cannot stand, not walked. That time India has no polio drops and awareness about polio. My parents they lived in ‘Shivshadan’. Its wing for Leprosy patients, I grown up Raphael another wing its call ‘Little White House’ at here leprosy patients children are living. I did my study and training with support of Raphael then young volunteer came at Raphael, Anne Boyd, from Australia, Sydney, she was a nurse, she came in my life like an angel. She did my exercise, consults about my legs and calipers with All India Medical Science (AIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital at Delhi, follows exercised at Raphael with her effort my right leg was okay but I have polio in my left leg. In 1983 I joined as Special educator at Ava- Vihar till 2002 then I worked with other NGOs.

She was always touch with me she never forgot to send me greetings cards my birthday and Christmas. When she came to visit Raphael she also came to visit me. When I went Melbourne for Disability training in 2011, she came to visit me with her sister and Peter and Helen Newton also visted to me. We had good time, with together.

I learned to drive scooter (side wheels activa) . She came Raphael, she told me, she want to visit Patrus master, Pratap music house and Cheshire home, she sat behind me and I drove, after that she told me today I was so happy to see you drove and I sat behind you, I remembered when you was younger I gave you exercise for walk, now you are living Independently. She loved mountains, most of times she served her services at Tehri, Uttarkashi’s villages for TB patients. When I told her, I join Community Health global Network, Uttarakhand, cluster, its working in the mountains area for Person with Disability( PWDs) and I go there with my scooter, she told I feels jealousy with you because she loved so much Uttarakhand.

My last communication with her when I wished her Christmas and New Year 2019 then she wrote me, My vision was clear about 2020. She was always motivates to me. 16th March 2020 she passed away. May God gave rest, peace of her soul.

I always thankful Raphael, Daddy, Mummy (Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder), Maj Gen.Ranbir Bakshi, Anne Aunty and her family, my sponsors and all supporters ,donors of Raphael ,my parents with their supports and helps, today I can living with dignity independently in the communities and living with meaningful life.

I would like to say thanks God; he blessed me and gave me opportunity to work with CHGN, UKC and Nora Solomon Foundation (NSF). I am so happy to work at mountains area, Uttarakhand, (she loves so much).

God gives me strength to follows her vision In Uttarakhand. It wills my tribute for her from my heart.

‘Forever present in my heart.’

For more information on Anne Boyd you can view the video Mountain Nurse

NOTE from the Editors:  Permission to publish this tribute to Anne Aunty by Pratima as is has been given by Philip Boyd.

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