Ballarat Grammar Junior School was abuzz with very eager and excited children, all keen to promote and raise money at their respective stalls for Bina Day to support seven residents at Raphael.

Ballarat Grammar now has a fabulous “Royal Box” on an upper level of their new building complex which is very impressive indeed and Dorothy and Carolyn were duly ushered up to the balcony to look down upon the hundreds of students.

All the students sang “The Bina Day” song, to the tune of “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” which got us all waving and singing along with the children (see below for clip).

Carolyn was honoured to say a few words on behalf of Ryder-Cheshire to thank the students for their contribution to Raphael and to officially open Bina Day which then created a sea of children squealing in delight and hurriedly running off to their stalls.

Lots of wonderful edible goodies had been prepared for purchase and many of the students had stalls with various types of games which looked like a lot of fun.

All in all it was a wonderful morning and Dorothy and Carolyn thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and hospitality shown to them.

Thank you to the students for all the work they do supported by their teachers and families for yet another amazing Bina Day.

Carolyn Byrnes and Dorothy Carpenter



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