Ava Vihar Renovations 2020-21

Raphael, India

Ava Vihar was originally constructed in 1959, then renovated approximately 40 or more years ago with financial assistance from the Founders, and the Ryder Cheshire Foundations of Australia and New Zealand. The building was in need of urgent attention to prolong its life and enable its continued use. Thus it was proposed to carry out major repairs and renovate the Hostel using the balance funds available in the Singleton Bequest pledged to assist Raphael. We are exceedingly grateful to have received Aus $ 115000 (INR 6032757).

Ava Vihar
Original building





The areas that required special attention were the layout to improve efficiency and comfort of use; to create an independent entrance to the hostel and make the fixtures and fittings not only child -proof but also monkey-proof! The walls and ceilings needed reinforcing and the flooring needed major restoration.


The bathrooms and toilet blocks needed to be relocated to provide privacy. There was a need for improved ventilation and lighting. Plumbing and electrical wiring were very old and had to be replaced.

The work was completed in the third week of March 21. New doors, windows and skylights were provided for better light and ventilation, the old flooring was removed and replaced with tiles, 14 toilet blocks and 8 bathing areas were renovated, wiring was replaced, anti-termite treatment done for the building, and re-plastering and painting of all walls both inside and outside.


Although all the residents are not present yet, having gone home during this terrible time here, the ones in residence are quite delighted by the make-over.

During the refurbishment, we had to do some extra work that had not been accounted for.

We had proposed new plastering of 300sq m of wall but had to do the entire building which came to 1500 sq m. A water tank paced on the roof also needed a platform to prevent seepage.

Priyo Lall,
CEO  Raphael Ryder Cheshire



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