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I am the President of Ryder-Cheshire Australia and the Project Officer for Klibur Domin - the Ryder-Cheshire home in Timor-Leste. I am also a member of the Klibur Domin Board of Management. I have been involved with Ryder-Cheshire for 20 years in various capacities.

Visit by Peter and Helen Newton to Klibur Domin

In August 2017, Peter and Helen Newton visited Klibur Domin for two weeks.  It was Peter’s eighteenth visit and Helen’s fourth.  Neither had travelled to other than the capital  Dili, Tibar village (where Klibur Domin is located) and a few other remote villages to observe Klibur Domin’s outreach programs.  The rest of Timor-Leste was a closed book to us.

On this visit, the Home Manager, Joaquim Soares and his wife Maria decided to take a week’s leave and drive us 855 km around their beautiful country, much of which Maria had not seen, and there were even a few of the places we visited which were new to Joaquim.  It was a voyage of discovery for Helen and me and opened our eyes to the delightful Timorese people, the extreme poverty in the remote villages, the great natural beauty and the tourist potential of the country.  However, much is needed to improve the roads and communications and to provide suitable accommodation and restaurants before a tourist boom could occur.

Our first week was spent at Klibur Domin where we were impressed with the tremendous progress made since our last visits.  Ryder-Cheshire and Rotary have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past five years to undertake essential improvements and maintenance work which has significantly improved the facilities at the home and its operation. Continue reading Visit by Peter and Helen Newton to Klibur Domin

An OAM for Sister Jane Gorey

Sr. Jane Gorey  was honoured with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)  in the 2016 Australia Day Honours List.

Sr. Jane Gorey
Sr. Jane Gorey

Jane has been a resident carer at the Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes in Ivanhoe since 1995.  In the early days, there were three resident carers, one for each of the homes within the Ivanhoe complex.  They were all members of religious orders and “loaned” to Ryder-Cheshire to work in the homes, pro bono.  Through attrition Jane Gorey eventually became the sole resident carer of the 95 bed Victorian Homes.

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Vale Two of our Oldest Supporters

Shortly before Christmas 2015, we were deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of two of our oldest, long- time supporters – George Smith and Kath Myers.  Both were in their nineties.

George Marching on ANZAC DAY Photo Courtesy The friends of the Odd Bods
George Marching on ANZAC DAY
    Courtesy of The friends of the Odd Bods

On 17th December George Smith passed away peacefully after a short illness.  George was a Flying Officer in WWII, and in 1946 he founded the Odd Bods UK Association.  Many Australian airmen had served in the UK in Royal Air Force squadrons and so were not aligned with any RAAF squadron.  For the past 70 years, the Odd Bods UK Association has served as a group providing support and companionship for these wartime heroes.  Their motto was “Pressing On…. Remembering”.  George was a former President and the Association’s Secretary for more than 20 years. Continue reading Vale Two of our Oldest Supporters