Jenny HeadIn 2009 Kerrie and I visited Klibur Domin for a four week period. We have been friends for a long time and Kerrie (a social worker) asked me to join her and off we went. I really didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I was going to be a volunteer who needed to be self motivated and that we would be working with TB patients and patients who were being rehabilitated after motor bike and car accidents. On arrival we found ourselves quickly becoming part of the Klibur Domin

DSCF3038Our days were spent playing games, helping patients with fractures with their physio exercises, playing with the children, doing craftwork, and generally assisting in making the patients’ stay at Klibur Domin more enjoyable. We would also go to Dili weekly and help Maria with grocery shopping at the market. Another weekly activity was to take the patients to the beach which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We also spent time with an Australian volunteer physiotherapist who was doing field work in the local community and were able to visit these communities with her.

DSCF2976Weekends were spent in Dili with Sherrie and Wil (two wonderful volunteers who we worked with during our time in Klibur Domin).  This gave us the opportunity to get a feel for the culture of the East Timorese people as well as visiting places of interest. We also went to a Timor Leste wedding which was wonderful to be a part of.

So three years on, Klibur Domin holds wonderful memories of an experience I will cherish for life. It was challenging at times but extremely rewarding and I would recommend anyone who wants to step outside their comfort zone to visit Klibur Domin.