Nipun HeadRecently I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to volunteer at Klibur Domin. Though my time there was short, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would encourage any prospective volunteers to give it a go. The staff at Klibur Domin were very friendly and hospitable. They love having volunteers and I immediately felt like a welcome member of the team.

As a volunteer at Klibur Domin I had the opportunity to see the CBR (community based rehabilitation) program at work, supporting the physiotherapy and occupational therapy staff where possible.SHAMA - Nipun KD - 2012 I was also very fortunate to hve been invited on home visits to rural villages and towns. These trips allowed me the opportunity to see the wonderful work the Klibur Domin
staff were doing for their poor and disabled clients, living in rural areas. These individuals would otherwise not have access to any rehabilitation services. The home visits gave me the chance to see how many of the locals live, their resourcefulness and ability to make the best out of any situation.

East Timor is a July2012-KliburDomin-NipunSharmabeautiful country that is still mending following a horrible war. However, it is a place that is well worth a visit, particularly for those willing to lend a hand.