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Kate HeadArriving for the first time in Dehradun after spending a few days amongst the craziness that is Delhi I could not believe the tranquillity of Raphael.

As soon as we entered the iron gates and made our way down the long driveway I felt instantly at home amongst the tall trees and forestry.

After travelling for 5 weeks through South-East Asia it was nice to unpack and have a place for our belongings. Continue reading Kate


Jo LIDDLEWhen I arrived at Raphael at the beginning of July with my friend Kate, we had just spent 5 days in Delhi and were slowly getting used to the culture shock of India.  Raphael was very peaceful and quiet when we arrived as there was still a week of school holidays left and the children from the hostel hadn’t arrived back yet.  We were feeling excited and anxious to meet the staff and see the school.  We were introduced to the Custodial Group which was very confronting at first as they were all very excited to meet us and approached us speaking hindi and taking us by the hand to show us different projects they were working on. Continue reading Jo


Anita HeadFirst impressions on arriving at Raphael after 4 months of being on the road (one of which was spent travelling through northern India) were a breath of fresh air. The grounds were quiet, kids adorable and company of fellow volunteers great.  I had arrived after a very frustrating time attempting not only to find the bus to Dehradun but also the correct bus station.  I was sent here and there and finally found the station and bus.  It was a long ride after an exhausting and frustrating search and something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone else. Continue reading Anita

Linda and Terry

Terry & Linda headsMy husband, Terry, and I as older volunteers felt the trip and introduction to Raphael to be a challenge.  In some ways it was, but, from our very first day settling into the Mess and enjoying Hari’s cooking we felt safe and looked after.  This support and interest for our comfort and wellbeing continued with kind staff and our fellow volunteer Bob and Mrs Shalini Kapil, (in charge of the volunteers quarters in Raphael). Continue reading Linda and Terry


Trish TwaitsIn 2013 my application to Ryder-Cheshire Australia to participate as a Volunteer was accepted and I was offered a place at Raphael. Dehradun. India.

Arriving at Dehradun airport and taking the hour trip to Raphael was colourful, busy and as I remembered from a previous visit to India a little hair-raising. Arriving at the Raphael gate you enter a green and tranquil oasis, set on the edge of the forest. Continue reading Trish