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In December 2016 Peter Newton AO stood down as President of RCA after six and a half at the helm. 

Building on strong foundations laid by the previous President Dr Donald Sinclair OAM, Peter’s time in office has been exemplified by improvement in communication, co-operation and shared endeavour between Foundations and Support Groups. Ryder-Cheshire continued to mature from a collection of like minded but separate groups into a cohesive organisation with strong networks and shared aspirations for the overseas and Australian homes.

In 2000 President of RCF Victoria, Peter wrote a paper entitled ‘The Way Ahead’ which made for extending the work of Ryder-Cheshire into Timor-Leste, our close neighbour in dire need of assistance. This move was embraced by the organisation as a pathway to renewal. Our supporter base, Raphael benefited accordingly, and rugged beginnings Domin (KD) has flourished.

As President of RCA Peter led from the front and nurtured the ideals of our Founders. We thank him for his vision and leadership.

Peter continues to serve in the role of Project Officer (Timor-Leste) with responsibility for Klibur Domin.  He is on both the Board of Directors of RCA and the Board of Management of Klibur Domin, and maintains a close advisory relationship with the Director of Klibur Domin, Joaquim Soares.

The following thanks to Peter on his retirement as National President, are just a few from individual Ryder-Cheshire supporters and groups across Australia and overseas

 “On behalf  of the Board of Management,  staff, patients and their families  please accept our  thanks and appreciation for  your excellent commitment and dedication to Ryder Cheshire and Klibur Domin.  We thankyou for your great leadership and dedication and in particular during the last six years as National President of Ryder Cheshire Joaquim Soares, Klibur Domin

 “Luckily for all of us Peter is going nowhere, rather he has chosen to share the load a bit and focus more of his time on Klibur Domin as it goes from strength to strength. He is a wonderful asset to RCA”
Rory McEwen, RCA National President

 Since assuming presidency of the Homes at Ivanhoe I’ve come to know Peter quite well and have been most impressed with his loyalty to Ryder-Cheshire and particularly to RCA’s Klibur Domin commitment. .It is my privilege to know him and I wish him all the very best in his continued association with Ryder-Cheshire Australia and Klibur Domin”
Don Hamilton, Ivanhoe, Victoria

  “I first met when he came to Bendigo to solicit donations from Rotary Clubs Klibur Domin. It has been a privilege to support Ryder-Cheshire Australia with Peter at the helm. Peter and Helen are always kind and caring and I am proud to call them my friends”.
Hugh Elphinstone, Bendigo Support Group, Victoria

 “On behalf of the NSW Committee, I would like to extend our warmest thanks to Peter for his untiring leadership of RCA, wholehearted commitment to the work of the Foundation and wonderful devotion to our Timor-Leste project On a personal note, I offer my deep appreciation for his guidance, patience and support offered to me during the time of his Presidency. We are very fortunate that he has agreed to continue to play a role in the Foundation’s future”.
Chris Hannan, President RCF NSW

 “Peter, when I first met you at the Sydney Biennial Conference, some few years back, it was your encouragement to become involved that gave me the motivation to really get in and do work for the relief of. At that Conference, I spoke about Ryder-Cheshire becoming more involved in our schools with the young people and you responded by saying, “Dianne that is a job for you, go ahead and do it.”   I was amazed at your trust and belief that a new comer to the organization was given immediate permission to get going. And that is what I did with the Ballarat Support Group”.
Dianne McGrath, President Ballarat Support Group, Victoria

 …..  And Father Ted Burns refers to  Peter’s Dream
“To visit Klibur Domin is to see a dream realized…Peter’s dream…and like all Ryder-Cheshire people, I’m  proud to be part of it, as it continues to grow and flourish.  It was no surprise to me that Peter’s dream worked, his administrative skills were highly respected in the RAAF. But there was much more than that…as a Commanding Officer Peter had what every Chaplain (literally) prays for in a leader, a genuine concern for the people under his command. This is what Peter Newton brought to broken Timor- Leste in 2000…and the benefits for the people of Klibur Domin region are incalculable.”
(Father) Ted Burns, Victoria


Following the retirement of Peter Newton, RCA National President for six years, we welcome our newly appointed President, RORY McEWEN, of South Australia.

Rory McEwen

In December 2016 Rory McEwen was appointed President of RyderCheshire Australia for a two year term, succeeding Peter Newton. Rory has volunteered at Klibur Domin and plans to visit Raphael this year. He also plans to visit all our Foundations and Support Groups as time allows.

Rory’s wife Diane has been actively involved with Ryder Cheshire in Mount Gambier since 1972 and Rory is currently president of RCF SA.

After achieving degrees in agriculture and management Rory completed his national service, and began a career with the department of TAFE, ultimately becoming manager of TAFE’s Rural and Horticultural Program in South Australia. Active in local government, in 1997 he was elected to the South Australian Parliament as an Independent and this was the start of a challenging and demanding new career in which he remained for six years. He held a range of portfolios including Agriculture Food and Wine, Forestry, Local Government and State Federal Relations.

After retiring, Rory joined a number of boards in private enterprise and government. He is very active in the community, serving as the President of his Lions Club this year, involved in Legacy, Ulysses, and events like Lions Mad Minute and the Christmas Toy Run. Two grandchildren have now added a new dimension to his and Diane’s lives. He is looking forward to working with a talented board to build on the great foundations laid down by Peter Newton and his predecessors, focussing on the relief of suffering.

Covering the first four months since his appointment, Rory gave this report at the recent meeting of the RCA Board.

“As I ease into the role Peter Newton has chosen to step back from after six years, leading us with distinction, it is great to see how well the Board and the team at large perform. Everybody who has a role just seems to get on with it. You will see this in the individual reports presented to the AGM. I am mindful that any successful organisation needs to have an eye on continual renewal and continuous improvement. Both these topics will remain the theme for the Board and I trust equally for our Foundations, Support Groups, Homes and Friends Groups. There is no one right way, we all need to do what suits our specific circumstances, but equally learn from and share ideas with each other. The greatest challenge is always that of raising sufficient funds to support and grow our overseas homes. The Biennial Conference next year will again be a key occasion to share and grow and planning is well underway.

I am certainly looking forward to the year ahead. Di and I are hoping to catch up with as many of you as we can and I plan to visit Raphael in early October.”

Kindest regards to you all.




Sue Ryder

                   SUE RYDER DAY    

            JULY 6TH 2016

The Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship in the UK has announced

the creation of an annual Sue Ryder Day.

Here is an extract from their letter:

“It is with great joy that I can tell you that it has been agreed by “The Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship”, “Sue Ryder” and “The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust” to celebrate the life of our Founder, by creating             SUE RYDER DAY. We hope it will become an annual event, celebrated wherever we are in the world, on July 6th in all of our Homes, shops in fact in every place which bears the name Sue Ryder. Continue reading SUE RYDER DAY 2016

Don Sinclair, how can we thank you?

Dr Don Sinclair recently retired as the President of the Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes Foundation and as a Board Member of Ryder-Cheshire Australia. Don is a living link to our founders Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire and a treasury of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Ryder-Cheshire story. He is an inspiration, mentor, colleague and friend to us all and we are so glad that he is continuing as a member of the committee of the Ryder-Cheshire Victorian Homes and also of Ryder-Cheshire Victoria.

Below is the main text of a letter of appreciation written to Don by Peter Newton, the President of Ryder-Cheshire Australia.  The letter details the wonderful contribution that Don has made to every aspect of the Ryder-Cheshire organisation in Australia as well as Raphael in India and Klibur Domin in Timor-Leste. Continue reading Don Sinclair, how can we thank you?

A Round up of Recent News from Ryder-Cheshire Australia

A very important appointment in Timor-Leste!

Earlier this year, Dr Rui Maria de Araujo became the fifth Prime Minister of independent Timor-Leste. Dr Araujo has had a distinguished career as a medical practitioner and administrator and has previously held the positions of Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister. Until recently, he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Klibur Domin (the home which Ryder-Cheshire Australia supports in Timor-Leste) and still serves as a member of the Board. Dr Araujo has contributed very generously of his time and expertise to the support and development of Klibur Domin, and we all wish him great success in his role leading Timor-Leste.

Our new web-site is coming soon.

A new version of the Ryder-Cheshire Australia web-site should be up and running in the next few months. The new version will be at the same web address ( but will be streamlined, more easily up-dated and will incorporate new search functions and links. So please keep an eye out for our new look web-site. Continue reading A Round up of Recent News from Ryder-Cheshire Australia